Vol 3, No 2 (2013)

JPD 3(2)

Table of Contents


Richard L. Mehrenberg
Steve Parton, Victoria Noad
Lucy Chilvers


John Hilsdon
Chris Papadopoulous, Nasreen Ali
Gregory L. Ulmer
Key Pedagogic Thinkers: Paul Natorp
Gabriel Eichsteller, Sylvia Holthoff
PAL Experience
Katrina Cole
Eve Rapley
Molly McHarg
In response to ‘Celebrate Citation: Flipping the Pedagogy of Plagiarism in Qatar’
Philippa Armitage
Avtar Natt

Book Reviews

Book Review: Sefton-Green, J. (2013) Learning at Not-School
David Mathew
Lilian Alys
Herbert Daly
Mitul Shukla
Mark Gamble